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I strive to be a complete solution for your photographic needs; from a consultation to product delivery and restoration, I offer a full range of services to choose from.  If there's something you need that isn't covered below, contact me and I'll be happy to give you a quote - or if I can't fulfil your needs, I will gladly refer you to another qualified professional who can. 

Traditional Photography


From weddings and reunions to sold-out concerts, if there is a need for photography I've done it.  If you're looking for family portraits, I offer packages to suit all levels of need and products from the most respected print houses,  I prefer not to work in a studio because I think real locations are more interesting than backdrops, and many clients have specific places which are meaningful to them that they prefer to use.


On the commercial side of the house, I offer competative rates for day shoots and can be booked by the hour for smaller projects. Fee schedules do vary based on usage needs and rights granted, however, to please contact me and I'll be happy to set up a consultation to discuss your business' needs.

Editing and Restoration


Digital photography is great... but of course there are millions of photos out there that are one of a kind prints from the film era.  If you have one of those prints and it has seen better days, I can help.  I offer restorative servies including recoloring, hand tinting, dust and water spot removal, and much more.

Additionally, I offer editing services to digitally correct images that you're not happy with; this can range from removing objects from real estate photos to correcting skin imperfections, even on prints.  The sad reality is that with the advent of digital photography has come a flood of "professionals" who shoot for pennies but don't (or can't) edit thier product.  If you've been the victim of one of these, give me a call and I'll do my best to help.

Instruction, Framing, and More


Maybe you have a camera and a passion for creating beautiful images, but need a little help coaxing your vision out of your head and onto your lens.  Or your composition is spot on but your lighting never works out the way you hope. I share your passion for artistic photography, and occasionally offer workshops for that purpose.  Additionally I am available for one on one lessons detailing what every photographer should know - how thier gear works.

So now you have your images, but....they're not doing you any good on a memory card.  I also offer matting and framing services for most smaller (20x30 and under) projects.  All materials are archival and will not harm your original prints - your work and treasures are of utmost importance to me.

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