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My father instilled in me the beauty of photography at a young age; life has taken me on many different paths but my love for it has remained. While I explore other creative areas, I've always felt most free and natural behind the lens. There is a sense of childlike discovery when I shoot; everyday things take on extraordinary dimensions; common events become reason to celebrate.

Work Process

Creating high-quality images  is my passion; whether it is for your family or your business, I put my all into each click of the shutter.

I shoot a wide range of photographic areas because I have a wide area of interest; my background is in art, specifically painting and graphic design, but I'm also a lifelong musician and movie buff.  As a student of most visual media, my work process begins with understanding the intent and message of a shoot; am I creating a light family atmosphere, selling a serious competative spirit, or highlighting how delicious a tray of muffins are?  Different scenes call for different techniques - unfortunately there are many "one stop shops" in business who will gladly photograph whatever they are asked...under the same lighting, with the same background, and at the same angle. 


Once a shoot is complete, I begin the process of selecting the very best images to perfect further.  These images are then posted in individual password-protected galleries for your approval and shot selection.; you're free to share the location and login with anyone you choose!  I offer both digital delivery as well as physical products ranging from business cards to wall clings for your conveninece, and use only archival quality printing methods and materials.


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